Are You Still Dealing with the Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis Even After Trying Different Medications?

Research Study Evaluating an Implanted Device to See if it Can Treat the Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

See if you are eligible for this research study testing an investigational device as a new and different way to potentially treat RA. All study-related medical care will be provided at no cost. Compensation for time and travel will be provided..

Why Splenic Nerve Stimulation to Treat the Symptoms of RA?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a condition associated with pain and swelling of the joints. There is no cure for RA, and while there are a variety of medications available to treat the symptoms, they don’t work for everybody. Researchers are looking at potential new treatment options.

This study involves placing a study device (something like a pacemaker) in the body that stimulates a nerve called the splenic nerve, which is near your spleen, next to your stomach (the spleen is an organ in your body that helps filter blood and fight infection) to see if stimulating the nerve reduces swelling and affects the symptoms of RA.

How Is the Study Device Placed in the Body?

Placing the study device requires surgery. The surgery is called a laparoscopic or key-hole surgery because only small openings are made. The surgery is expected to take about one hour and is performed while you are asleep under general anesthesia by a surgeon who is skilled at similar types of surgeries and is specifically trained to place this study device. Participants will stay overnight at the hospital for observation and should expect to go home the next day.

Do I Qualify?

You might be eligible for the study if you:

Are between 22 and 75 years old

Have moderate to severe active rheumatoid arthritis

Have tried certain types of RA medications and they did not work well enough to treat your symptoms

Are currently taking certain types of medications for RA

Should I Participate in a Research Study?

Many people around the world participate in research studies every year. By participating in this type of study, you will be contributing to advancements that may help you and your RA as well as future generations.

Only you can decide if a research study is right for you. You should only make your decision after you have learned about the study, have had all your questions answered, and have been thoroughly informed about the risks and possible benefits.

Participating in a research study is completely voluntary. If you decide to participate in this study — or any research study — you are free to withdraw at any time and for any reason.

Study Pre-Screener

In order to see if you might be eligible we need to ask you some quick questions. If you prequalify, you can submit your contact information to the local study center. The study coordinator will then contact you to tell you more about the study, answer your questions, and possibly schedule a visit to the research center. This screener is only for patients living in the US.

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